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EGSS Conference 2015: Call for moderators and volunteers March 13-14

To volunteer as a conference moderator and/or volunteer, please sign up here:
The 2015 EGSS Conference Committee is seeking moderators and volunteers for the upcoming conference. These roles play a vital function in the success of the conference for presenters and attendees, and make a valuable addition to your academic CV. You can do one or both of the following tasks: 
As a moderator, you will be tasked with running a 90-minute session of presentations. You will introduce the theme of the session and each of the speakers, moderate discussions at the end of the presentations, and make sure that the overall session and individual presentations begin and end on time. Moderators are welcome to moderate more than one 90-minute session over the course of the conference and an effort will be made to match moderators with sessions that reflect their own interests or experience. We are seeking up to twenty moderators.
As a conference volunteer, you will play an important role in the general running of the conference, working closely with the conference committee. Volunteer tasks may include: general set-up and take-down, help with the registration process, helping attendees and presenters find their way, lunch service, help with the wine and cheese event, etc. Volunteers will also be given the opportunity to attend presentations. An effort will be made to match volunteers with their preferred tasks. We are seeking up to twenty volunteers. 
To volunteer as a conference moderator and/or volunteer, please sign up here:
We would also like to encourage all presenters, attendees, volunteers, and moderators to register for the conference itself:

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