GSEA Awards

Graduate Student Enhancement Award (GSEA): For Professional and Research Development

This travel award is open to all EGSS members regardless of whether the student is conducting research or not. It aims to provide you, the student, with the proper tools to complete your degree in a timely fashion and prepare you for life after your graduate studies.

Students can apply for either the GSEA for Professional Development or the GSEA for Research Development.

  • The GSEA for Professional Development provides you with the means to travel to a collegial workshop, conference or scholarly meeting to learn and develop a specific skill or acquire knowledge pertinent to your degree.
  • The GSEA for Research Development provides monetary support to travel to a conference outside of Montreal, QC to present their work, create meaningful connections, receive critical feedback, and broaden their knowledge by taking in expertise in their respective fields.


Awards offered:

  • $250 for presenting at a conference or scholarly meeting in Canada or the continental United States.
  • $500 for presenting outside of Canada or the continental United States  (i.e., Hawaii, Alaska, etc.).


Eligibility Criteria:

  1. All members of the Education Graduate Students’ Society are eligible to apply for the award. This includes non-thesis and international students.
  2. Students are eligible to receive a maximum of one (1) GSEA per academic year.
  3. Students who are receiving direct financial support to attend the conference/scholarly meeting from their supervisor/ department are not eligible for this award
  4. Priority will be given to students who do not hold a bursary, scholarship, or fellowship of over $15,000 for this academic year.
  5. *** for GSEA RD only*** Applicants must be presenters (paper, poster, etc.) at an academic workshop or conference that requires travel outside of Greater Montreal.

When the number of eligible applications exceeds the number of scholarships available in each category, a random draw will decide the winners.

Required Application Documents

  1. A completed and signed GSEA_Application Form
    In fulfillment of this section, you may log into your MINERVA account and do the following

    •  Click on Student Menu
    • Click on Student Records Menu
    • Click on Letters – Proof of Enrollment
    • Under Term and Status: Select the academic year in which your conference is being held.
    • Under Type of Letter: Select Proof of Enrollment/Graduation
    • Click Submit/Print and attach the generated letter to your application
  3. A PROOF OF PARTICIPATION of the event (payment receipt, acceptance letter…)
    *If not available at the time of application, please include proof of submission or a copy of the conference program. Please note that proof of participation is required prior to payment of the award.

Save your document in
PDF format
With the following title: GSEA (SEMESTER + YEAR) – Last Name, First

Please email required documents in PDF format
Subject: GSEA (SEMESTER + YEAR) – Last Name, First


Deadline for application:

For events held: Application deadline:
September 1 – December 31 October 15
January 1 – April 30 February 15
May 1 – August 31 June 15


According to in the EGSS constitution, please note that the award eligible recipient has one (1) month after EGSS has notified the award winner to accept the travel award. If the award eligible recipient fails to notify EGSS whether they will accept the travel award or not at the end of one month, this will result in a forfeiture of the award.
Furthermore, upon acceptance of the award, students have 3 months to pick up the award at EGSS or notify EGSS that they intend to pick up the award at a later date. Failure to do so within the time limit will result in a forfeiture of the award.



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