Student Initiative Award

The objective of the EGSS Student Initiative Award is to provide financial support for initiatives organized by individual graduate students or groups from the McGill Community with priority given to those from the Faculty of Education.

The funds will be allocated based on availability and on the needs of the project with a maximum of $1000 per semester (depending on the amount of applications and yearly budget) and a detailed report of expenses and spendings.

This award deadline for this semester has been extended to February 18th!

2021 Annual EGSS Conference

The 19th Annual EGSS Conference is taking place on March 11, 12 and 13, 2021 – virtual edition!

This year’s theme is Cultivating Communities: Education, Science, Psychology. Registration is necessary but there are no fees for presenters or participants.Registration to attend the conference will be open until March 1st!Please take a look at the website for more information:

We will have academic presentation workshop series on February 19th at 13:00, February 26th at 14:30; March 1st at 13:00 to prepare you for the event. These workshops are open to grad students and other members of the Faculty of Education, but need your registration. The following link will help you register for these presentation workshops:

For more information about the program visit the following file: